November 6, 2016

Most pain medicines are derived from plants. So wouldn’t it be great if we could just start with the basics. Think how much better we would feel if we went straight to the source, using more “natural” pain killers without preservatives and fillers. so if you have joint pain,try these below and see how your feel.

Green tea: Full of anti-oxidants that help block some tissue damage. Also, polyphenols suppress inflammation in arthritis ( one to two cups/day).

Willow Bark : Aspirin, one of the strongest anti-inflammatory medicines is made from willow bark. Its used for  many types of joint pain ( try 240mg/day)

Grapes: Grapes, especially red grapes contain RESVERATROL. This compound works l to block production of inflammation. The same action as medications like Celebrex. It also works as an anti-oxidant too.  One cup of grapes/day will help ( or a glass of red wine).



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