November 26, 2016

Despite its name, Buckwheat does not contain wheat. Its a seed that can be used to replace wheat or rice products. Ts also gluten free which makes it even more appealing. It easy to digest and has lots of health benefits. Most importantly, it fills you up without causing bloating.

-High in  anti-oxidants: Free radicals we make everyday can sometimes causes serious diseases. Buckwheat can prevent radicals from causes damage to healthy cells, preventing heart disease and even some cancers.

-High in fiber: The fiber content in Buckwheat causes your blood sugar to rise slowly, so you don’t crash and burn after eating it. It also helps you feel full longer, enhances your digestion and removes toxins.

-High in protein: A lot of seeds and grains have high percentages of protein. One cup of Buckwheat has almost half the daily requirement of protein. So if you decide to step away from the meat and dairy, you can still get high quality protein for  muscle health.

-High in minerals: Strong teeth and bones require minerals like calcium and zinc.Both found in high concentrations in Buckwheat. It can also help tissue with damage and repair

Lowers blood sugar: Eating Buckwheat increases glucose ( blood sugar) slowly which is good for people with diabetes and insulin resistance. Also a compound know as Chiro-inositol can directly lower glucose after a meal.

So the next time you want a good source of carbs with fiber and antioxidants, pass on the corn or rice and try this nutty, warm “comfort food”. Enjoy!






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